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Jail Name:
George Beto Unit
Jail Type:
State Prison
The George Beto Unit (B) is a men's maximum security prison of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice located in unincorporated Anderson County, Texas. The unit is located along Farm to Market Road 3328, 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Tennessee Colony. The prison, co-located with Coffield Unit, Michael Unit, and Powledge Unit prisons and the Gurney Unit transfer facility, has 20,518 acres (8,303 ha) of land.[1] The unit currently houses over 3,400 offenders. The unit opened in June 1980. It has the Correctional Institutions Division Region II Maintenance headquarters.[1] The unit was named after George Beto, who served as prison director from 1962 to 1972.[2] In 2008 Perryn Keys of the Beaumont Enterprise said that Beto "has been described as a gladiator’s playground — a hardcore joint, even as prisons go."[3] That year, Ricardo Ainslie, an author and a professor in the educational psychology department of the University of Texas, said that when he toured Beto with the warden, he was "scared (expletive)."[3] Joyce King, author of the 2002 book Hate Crime: The Story of a Dragging in Jasper, Texas, said that Beto's reputation as a "gladiator" prison stems from the fact that most of its prisoners are in their mid-20s, relatively young. As of that year, some inmates are at the equivalent of a 4th year high school student (senior), and a few are near their 30s. King also said "The dubious distinction is also a warning—gladiators either fight because they must or because they like to
Security Class:
G1-G4, Administrative Segregation, Outside Trusty, Transient
1391 FM 3328
Zip Code:
Six miles south of Tennessee Colony on FM 3328 in Anderson County
Phone 1:
903-928-2217 **022
Imate Gender:
Male Offenders
Unit: 3150; Trusty Camp: 321
Judicial District:
Tennessee Colony, TX
Inmate Mail 1:
Inmate Name, ID Number Beto Unit 1391 FM 3328 Tennessee Colony, TX 75880
Notable Inmates:
Lawrence Russell Brewer -
1391 FM 3328, 75880, Palestine, Texas
Visiting Saturday:
Visiting Sunday: