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El Paso County, TX Public Records

El Paso public records are the official records of any information generated, received, prepared, used, and retained by state or local agencies in the city while conducting public business. Certain records are restricted or exempt from public access by law. For individuals seeking divorce records, the District Clerk's Office where the decree was issued can provide records in person or by mail upon request. Marriage records can be accessed online, and certified copies can be obtained by visiting or mailing the County Clerk's Office. Birth records from the last 75 years and death records older than 25 years are also managed by the County Clerk and can be confirmed online before requesting certificates through the mail or in person. Non-confidential property records are available to residents of El Paso County in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act and can be obtained by contacting the custodian's office. The County Clerk maintains maintaining property and foreclosure records. Online access to these records is available from 1975 to the present.

Courts in El Paso County

Court Records in El Paso County, Texas

Official court documents depict proceedings from its initial filing to ultimate judgments. El Paso County court records can be accessed through the county's website under the Judicial section. The website has distinct search portals for criminal and civil case records, family, and probate court records. Requesters interested in accessing documents related to the County Court at Law, traffic cases heard in Justice Court, and criminal cases heard in District Courts can use these portals. A sex offender registry is also publicly available, and El Paso county residents can access it via the Texas Department of Public Safety's website. The website offers a search tool that enables users to find individual sex offenders by name and a map search function that allows residents to locate sex offenders living in their neighborhoods.

Court Name:
810 E Overland Ave
El Paso
860 N Rio Vista Rd
14999 Darrington Rd
Horizon City
12004 Socorro Rd.
San Elizario

Jails and Prisons in El Paso County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in El Paso County, Texas

The El Paso County Sheriff's Department is the custodian of records of detainees in local correctional facilities. Anyone interested in accessing El Paso County Inmate Records can do so through the Inmate Locator. The portal allows requestors to obtain booking information using various search criteria, including the inmate's name, date of birth, and date of arrest. Alternatively, interested parties may contact the El Paso Sheriff's department directly by calling or visiting the El Paso County Detention Facility in person. Inmates are allowed one 20-minute visit per weekend. Visitors can visit certain facility floors on Saturdays and Sundays at specific times. El Paso, Texas, has 9 Jails & Prisons serving 678,415 residing in an area spanning 257 square miles. It ranks 315th out of 2209 cities in terms of Jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
3901 State Jail Road
El Paso
12501 East Montana Avenue
El Paso

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in El Paso County

Arrest Records in El Paso County, Texas

El Paso county arrest records are considered public records. These documents comprise the detainee's physical attributes, the arresting officer, warrants, mugshot, and the circumstances of the arrest. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for producing and storing these arrest records. Arrest reports may contain sensitive information, so the sealed records are only available to the parties of the case, law enforcement, or legal representatives. Provided the records are non-confidential, requesters can submit a request through mail or in person. They can also download or complete a public information request form or make a written request. El Paso County, Texas, has 17 Police Departments catering to a population of 834,825 individuals across an area of 1,013 square miles. The current crime rate in the area is 15.26 per 1,000 people.

Police Departments Name:

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