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Montgomery County, TX Public Records

Montgomery County public records include all information collected and maintained in connection with official business transactions by a government entity. There is a presumption of access to the public also, though some are part of legal exemptions. Vital records such as births, marriages, deaths, and divorces are only available to qualified applicants. That is, close relations, spouses, legal representation, and the person on the record. Eligible requesters may also access these from the County Clerk in person or via mail. Fees for obtaining these record copies range from $21 to $72, depending on the document type. Property records in Montgomery County are also available for public inspection. Record seekers can inspect or attain property record copies by sending requests to the county custodian.

Courts in Montgomery County

Court Records in Montgomery County, Texas

Montgomery County court records are accessible to interested parties in accordance with open records laws. These are accessed via the county clerk via their website, though record seekers may get better access via the district clerk’s online platform. The site offers jury information, case searches, and e-filing on civil, criminal, family, or tax-related cases. There is limited access, though, for some case types as they require complete registration by requesters. Only eligible interested parties can view the confidential court records entailing ongoing criminal investigations, finance cases, and domestic and sexual abuse. Certified copies are priced at $1 a page in addition to a $5 certification fee. Civil and criminal name searches attract a cost of $5 for every 10-year search. Requesters can pay using cash, money order, or cashier check.

Court Name:
1520 Lake Front Cir
The Woodlands
2300 Plantation Dr

Jails and Prisons in Montgomery County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Montgomery County, Texas

Montgomery County inmate records may be accessed by members of the public. These are generated and maintained by the county Sheriff’s office, which also provides a jail roster page for record seekers to use. By entering the name of the inmate, interested parties can access the person’s profile which has their age, gender, date of confinement, and inmate number. Inmates are allowed visits by friends and family though these have to be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Each visit is limited to two visitors maximum. The visitors also have to adhere to social distancing protocols and clothing regulations. Detainees that are on quarantine status will not be allowed to visit until they have been cleared to interact with the general population. Montgomery County has three jails serving a population of 648,886.

Jails and Prisons Name:
#1 Criminal Justice Drive

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Montgomery County

Arrest Records in Montgomery County, Texas

Montgomery County arrest records are accessible to individuals, provided the information contained is not confidential. These records include the person's age, sex, gender, mugshot, the arresting officer, and the circumstances of the arrest. Considering the nature of arrest records, there are restrictions for accessing those which entail ongoing criminal investigations, cases of domestic or sexual abuse, and minors. For these cases, eligible requesters like law enforcement, correctional facilities, and parties of the incident may access the records. Non-confidential arrest reports, though, can be obtained from the sheriff’s office or local police departments. All record seekers may also access the public sex offender registry to find convicted felons in their area. There are 24 police departments in Montgomery County, and the crime rate is 22.31 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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