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Webb County, TX Public Records

Webb County public records consist of any document, file, or recording generated or maintained by government agencies. These records are open to the public per the Texas Public Information Act, with some exceptions for sensitive information. Webb County Clerk's Office is responsible for managing public records at the county level. Records available at this office include vital records such as birth, death, marriage certificates, property records, and other records that fall under the county deed offices. The county clerk's office also issues marriage licenses and is responsible for maintaining records of assumed name certificates, brand registrations, and more. Traffic violation records are available from the Webb County Justice of the Peace Courts or Municipal Courts, depending on where the violation occurred.

Courts in Webb County

Court Records in Webb County, Texas

Webb County court records are available to the public as per the Texas Public Information Act. The Clerk of Court is responsible for maintaining records of all court cases within the county. These records include traditional paper records, electronic records, transcripts, and exhibits. People would typically look up the types of court records: probate court, criminal records, bankruptcy filings, liens, driving violations, and similar records. Anyone can access court records in person at the courthouse or electronically using the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system. The system requires registration and payment of a fee per page viewed. The cost to view a file using PACER is 10 cents per page, with a maximum fee of $3.00 per document.

Court Name:

Jails and Prisons in Webb County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Webb County, Texas

Webb County inmate records are available to the public as per the Texas Public Information Act. These records include details of arrest and conviction, sentencing information, and the list of county facilities where the incarcerated person may be located. Information on parole and probation is also available.  They are maintained by the Sheriff’s office, which also provides a county jail and bond record log. The county has two jails, the Webb County Jail and the Rio Grande Detention Center, that house inmates. Inmates can visit their loved ones, which may occur in person or remotely via video visitation. There are six prisons and jails in Webb County, serving a population of 269,624 people within a total area of 3,361 square miles. That means there is one prison or jail per 44,937 people, or per 560 square miles.

Jails and Prisons Name:
1001 San Rio Boulevard
111 Camino Nuevo Road Highway 359
1000 Washington Street

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Webb County

Arrest Records in Webb County, Texas

Webb County arrest records are available to the public under the Texas Public Information Act. These records are maintained by law enforcement agencies like the Sheriff’s office and police departments. They include details about the suspect, such as name, date of birth, physical description, bail and bond details, booking details, offenses, and charges. The records may also include information on the arresting agency and officer, dates of arrest, and the county facilities where the arrested person is detained. Webb County, Texas, covers an area of 3,361 square miles and has a population of 269,624 people. There are 22 police departments. There is one police department for every 12,255 residents and one for every 152 square miles. The crime rate is 59.44 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

Police Departments Name:

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