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Midland County, TX Public Records

Midland County public records are all information collected, assembled, and stored in connection with a business or via a local government entity. These are available to all interested parties, provided there are no legal contraventions. Vital records fall under the restrictions as they are only viewed by close relations, legal representatives, spouses, and the person registered. Births, deaths, marriages, and divorces are accessed from the County Clerk’s office. Record seekers may visit their offices in person from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays. Record fees vary according to the type and if they are certified. Property records are also accessible to all following the Texas Public Information Act. These may be viewed from the Midland County Appraisal District.

Courts in Midland County

Court Records in Midland County, Texas

Midland County court records are available to all requesters, provided there are no legal exemptions involved. Civil, criminal, and family cases, though, lie within the jurisdiction of the sole County Courthouse, so interested parties may contact the County Clerk for information on records. These may be requested by email or fax for the common non-confidential files. Certified documentation, though, has to be issued by mail. Alternatively, the requesters may access court records using the Texas case search platform. Some records may not be available, though, due to their confidentiality. These entail juveniles, mental health cases, child custody, or ongoing criminal investigations. In these cases, the records may only be accessed by legal representatives, court officials, law enforcement personnel, or the parties to the case.

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Jails and Prisons in Midland County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Midland County, Texas

Midland County inmate records are accessed by all parties in accordance with local and state regulations. The sheriff’s office maintains them, providing a current list of inmates. By giving the person’s last name, it is possible to view their physical profiles, criminal charges, sentencing information, and bail status. Inmates may receive visitation weekly, but these must be scheduled in advance. Visitors also have to adhere to facility regulations, including wearing appropriate clothing and providing their government-issued identification on arrival. Minors are also allowed to visit, but legal guardians or parents must accompany them. Well-wishers may fund inmate accounts b using the kiosks in the jail lobbies. There are three jails and prisons in the county. It is ranked 233rd out of 254 in jails per capita.

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Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Midland County

Arrest Records in Midland County, Texas

Midland County arrest records are available to all requesters, provided there are no legal restrictions involved. They are maintained by the County Sheriff’s office or local police departments. Interested parties may contact their offices in person or issue their requests via mail. Criminal records may also be accessed from the sheriff’s office or the state police. Some records, though, are not available to all parties as they contain sealed information. The records include juveniles, victim identities, sensitive witness accounts, or ongoing criminal investigations. These agencies also maintain a sex offender registry for county-specific convicted felons. These are current or previous sex offenders living and working within the area. Midland County has four police departments, and the crime rate is 26.31 per 1,000 residents.

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